Mobile SEO Is the Wave of the Future

Search engine optimisation is crucial for any website or business. With so many different websites out there, differentiating can become nearly impossible. But SEO best practices make it possible for even the smallest of businesses to stand out in those searches. A crucial factor in establishing proper SEO is ensuring that mobile standards are being met. Not that long ago, having mobile optimisation was a bonus but not a necessity. That has all changed and websites that aren’t optimised for mobile are left in the dust. Mobile SEO To the uninitiated, mobile SEO and traditional SEO may seem like the same thing. When it comes to the basic factors and principles, they are the same. The goal is to make a website more easily seen by search engines. The reason that you would want to work with

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Bringing The Light In

As numerous studies have shown, there are many benefits to having a good amount of natural light in any workplace; it energises the body to produce vitamin D and helps regulate the natural rhythms that govern sleep-wake schedules. That, in turn, makes us happier and lets us focus and work more efficiently, which can only benefit any employer. A flexible office improvement can increase natural light levels in any premises. A glass partitioning system, available to suit any budget, can open up your office to let in the light. A Great Building Material As a building material, glass has several properties which make it appealing as a design choice; it is low cost but strong enough to form a barrier when you wish to close off an area without restricting the flow of natural light. It is flexib

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